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  1. Cats and Owls Exaggeration

    Cats and Owls Exaggeration

    Real photo montage of view of church with four exaggerated kittens watching two exaggerated owls "We are Wide Awake at Carleton. "Photo copyright 1909 by N. W. Photo, Minneapolis. Used circa 1908 Learn More
  2. Fishing Exaggeration Real Photo

    Fishing Exaggeration Real Photo

    "Jonah and the Whale at White Deer Lodge, White Deer, Quebec. "Copyright 1926 by the Canadian Pot Card Co. , Toronto, Canada. Fighting the bass and pike with hatchet, et al. Learn More
  3. Horse-Drawn Carriage Onions Exaggeration RP

    Horse-Drawn Carriage Onions Exaggeration RP

    "Harvesting Onions At East Kildonan, Manitoba." Copyright by Canadian Post Card Co., Toronto. Farming, transportation. Used in Canada,1948. There is a corner crease. Learn More
  4. Fish Exaggeration Fisherman RP

    Fish Exaggeration Fisherman RP

    "Swallowed The Pole And All." Real photo of a fisherman in a boat with a huge fish. Real photo by Photo Art Shop. Sports, fishing, transportation. There are some stains and some edge wear. Learn More
  5. Exaggeration Maine Potatoes RP

    Exaggeration Maine Potatoes RP

    "Limestone. Maine Potatoes." Carriage, farming, real photo. Used in Maine,1947. Learn More
  6. Fish Real Photo Exaggeration

    Fish Real Photo Exaggeration

    "The Big One That Didn't Get Away." Loaded on a railroad car by Haskell & Barker Car Co., Michigan City, Indiana. Fishing, sports, train, transportation. Photo by Photo Art Shop, 1909. Learn More
  7. Kansas Potato Exaggeration Real Photo

    Kansas Potato Exaggeration Real Photo

    "Potatoes grow big in Colo". Horse-drawn wagon, farm. Photo by W.H. Martin, 1908. Used 1910 Telluride, Colorado. Learn More
  8. Horse-Drawn Carriage Pottato RP

    Horse-Drawn Carriage Pottato RP

    The heavy load. Copyrighted by W. H. Martin, Kansas. Exaggeration, farming, transportation, real photo. Learn More
  9. Boy & Grasshopper Exaggeration RP

    Boy & Grasshopper Exaggeration RP

    Real photo. "Grasshopper Maids, two cents per week." Automobile, transportation. Photo by Conard, Kansas. Learn More
  10. Boat Fish Exaggeration RP CA

    Boat Fish Exaggeration RP CA

    "A boat load of fish- At Bijou on Lake Tahoe." Real photo by Bear Photo, San Francisco. Fishing, sports, transportation, fishing rod. Used 1937 Bijou, California. Learn More
  11. Grasshopper & Farmer Exaggeration RP

    Grasshopper & Farmer Exaggeration RP

    "The Old Grey Mare She Aint What She Used To Be." Trick photography by F. D. Conard. Exaggeration, farming, real photo. Learn More
  12. Corn Exaggeration Real Photo

    Corn Exaggeration Real Photo

    Ready to sell. Sign for The Warner Fence Co. Market, farming, umbrella, trick photography. Learn More
  13. Horse-Drawn Carriage Exaggeration RP

    Horse-Drawn Carriage Exaggeration RP

    The heavy load of corn. Copyright by W. H. Martin. Transportation, farming, trick photography. Learn More

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